The Ocean Motions STABILICUBE™ is a smart sensor that measures actual stability underway in waves, wind, currents

This is far more useful than the static Trim & Stability Book treatment, at zero speed in flat water

  • Finds best heading & speed for a comfortable yet safe voyage​

  • Senses the actual stability reserves while towing & anchor handling at sea

  • Detection & avoidance of girding when tow line threatens to roll your ship over

  • Detection & avoidance of synchronous rolling in tune with the waves

  • Detection & avoidance of rapid successive rolls as waves sweep thru vessel from astern

  • Automatic detection of unnoticed list due to flooding, open cross connects, wave impacts

  • Tracks measured stability history during last 10 and 60 minutes, and during previous watch

  • Auto detection of wave encounter angle at night, in fog and in driving rain

  • Instant feedback on whether your intended new heading makes things better or worse

  • Avoid lashing failures and losing cargo over the side

  • Augment your seamanship by continuously monitoring righting energy consumed and remaining

  • Used onboard Offshore Supply Vessels, OSV, Anchor Handling Tug and Supply, AHTS, general cargo ships, container ships
Stabilicubes™ are tested on this purpose designed 45ft Research Vessel whose motion responses are tuned to simulate those of your vessel.