2017     ABS approval granted to Ocean Motions WSLP on HOS CENTERLINE and STRONGLINE product tankers

2017     VANE Line Bunkering installs WSLP on 2 more tank barges

2016     CANTARELL I and II jackups Ocean Motions 3D stability software delivered

2016     Caspian Drilling installs OMC 3D stability software on semi submersible ISTIGLAL

2016     Contract awarded for Marin Teknikk designed subsea support MV OCEAN EVOLUTION

2016     TOTAL TLP MOHO NORD installs real time Ocean Motions LMP offshore Angola

2016     Motions analysis delivered to SPACEX rocket recovery vessel

2016     Latest Navy Research vessel MV SALLY RIDE installs an advanced Ocean Motions real time loading computer

2016     We are taking orders now for new IMO tanker and bulker stability compliance mandated Jan 1, 2016
              using our Direct Damage Stability feature, DDS

2015     Automatic inputs from Siemens IAS400 supplied to Thoma-Sea for SOUTHERN TIDE

2015     HOS BRASS RING installs 4,017th delivery of advanced loading and stress software

2015     Ocean Motions awarded contract for MOHO NORD TLP at HHI Korea

2015     Latest LNG powered OSV, HARVEY POWER sails with WSLP

2015     VARD designed TDW BREAUX and JONES install ABS Approved WSLP programs

2015     Latest Navy Research vessel MV NEIL ARMSTRONG installs an advanced Ocean Motions real time loading computer

2015     Milestone reached-------4,000------installations worldwide

2015     Vane Bros expand their bunker barge fleet coverage in Ocean Motions RESPOND 24/7

2015     HARVEY ENERGY LNG Powered sails with Ocean Motions stability & stress software

2015     VARD 08 PSV-Zhenjiang MV CAMPOS TIDE installs advanced 3D loading software

2015     ABS certifies Ocean Motions stability system on Chevron JACK St MALO

2014     President Peter W. Ebbutt, MRINA C.Eng, receives SNAME Fellow Member honor 

2014     BAE delivers MV BREEZE to Jackson Offshore equipped with WSLP software

2014     Gulfmark POLARIS sails with real time stability & stress computer

2014     "All in all very satisfying and its a pleasure to work with this software".
                     Kind regards,
                     Glen Hope
                     Chief Officer
                     Caroline Tide III

2014     Hornbeck HOSMAX310 class installs WSLP for intact+damage stability+stress

2014      KEHOE TIDE installs WSLP approved by ABS Poland 

2014      ABS approved our real time computers on TDW's latest PSVs built by BayShip WI

2013      Lloyds Register issues approval update for WSLP

2013      PPL 400 jackup loading & stability software delivered to TODCO FORTIUS

2013      Ocean Motions Mooring Advisory program delivered to Chevron Jack+StMalo

2013      Hornbeck HOSMAX 300 series install OMC Windows Ship Loading Program

2013      Crane simulator+stability+strength program delivered to HARVEY DEEP SEA

2013      Ocean Motions WSLP breathes new life into refurbished HELIX 534 drillship

2013      Petrobras places prestigious 16 drillship loading computer order after 6 months of contract negotiation and in the face of fierce                                   competition from European loading computers
2013      Stress and stability software delivered to HOS Super 240 OSVs

2013      STABILICUBE + laptop shipped to Malaysian Anchor Handler

2013      Gumusut Kakap FPS 13 Shell/Petronas users trained on-site in Johor MY

2013      Simulator package delivered to Kongsberg for Chevron
2012      Onboard stability software delivered to PPL Singapore for jackups

2012      Onboard stability software delivered to 3 Harvey Gulf OSVs at Eastern Shipbuilding

2012      MODU crews trained offshore Broome, Western Australia

2012      STABILICUBE order awarded by Seacor for MV KEITH COWAN

2012      STABILICUBES built for 4 OSVs in China

2011      STABILICUBES installed on TDW PSVs in Malaysia

2011      Saipem's Scarabeo9 takes delivery of WSLP with real time soundings and drafts

2011      Ocean Motions real time jackup program installed in China on BAHARI-1

2011      Donjon-Smit used our RESPOND 24/7 for salvage engineering and lightering plan

2011      Chevron awards contract for WSLP to Ocean Motions for Jack & St Malo Project

2011      Transocean HQ received 2 day intensive training course by OMC Field Service

2011      Oceaneering takes delivery of WSLP 2.11.00 for dive support ship Ocean Project

2011      Ocean Motions salvage and lightering calcs for E13502 barge in New York

2011      Ocean Motions delivers predictive and real time, loading, stability, stress program
               to HHI's  latest drillship, DEEPWATER CHAMPION in Korea

2011      TIDEWATER places WSLP order for 7 Offshore Supply Vessels

2010      Ocean Motions delivers WSLP to 54 BOURBON Anchor Handlers

2010      HARVEY GULF adds another WSLP installation to their fleet already programmed by Ocean Motions

2010      ATWOOD takes delivery of the Ocean motions Jack Up loading computer in Egypt

2010      BOURBON installs WSLP onboard 22 Chinese built PSVs

2010      Ocean Motions delivers RAOs and Accelerations to 5 new users